The journey to change and growth begins by finding the warrior within.

The most successful people combine passion with perseverance.

People are inherently driven to be masterful and successful. It is the warrior within that enables people to achieve this mastery and success. Yet, sometimes, life’s challenging moments and unexpected events get in the way and impede one’s drive and capacity to execute.

In my role as therapist or coach, I help people recover from temporary setbacks and re-engage their inner warrior so they can regain their confidence, sharpen their skill set, identify a path forward, and get moving again. Together, we identify obstacles, solve problems, define a plan of action, and draw on their passion and perseverance in order to follow through and get results.

For the past three decades, I have been helping people learn how to engage their inner warrior and enhance performance in every aspect of life, including health, career, social connections, home, time and money, work/life balance, and community involvement. As a:

  • Licensed psychologist
  • Certified personal and executive coach
  • Psychoanalyst
  • Sports coach
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor

I combine three decades of training and experience to help people rediscover and affirm the warrior within by regaining a sense of purpose, meaning, confidence, and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

The Team Approach

I embrace a team approach. Whether I am working with one client, a couple, a family, or a team of athletes,  I believe that sustainable change and growth come from collaborative work. Each person involved in the therapeutic or coaching experience has a responsibility to identify their role and make an effort to contribute to the process.

I have learned over the years that when it comes to change and growth, "one plus one equals more than two." I encourage my clients to actively participate in the process by knowing their role, engaging in the work, and following through. Everyone is accountable to the team.

As a psychotherapist, sports coach, fitness trainer, Berkshire County Hall of Fame soccer player, and identical twin, one of my specialties is getting the team to function at a high level. I have seen time and again the power of people coming together to make unique contributions that create impressive results that are greater than any one person alone can create.

Contact me today to discuss how the chemistry of individual contribution and social connection can change your life.


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