Health & Well-Being

Today, more than ever, most of us realize the importance of having balance in our lives. But it’s not always easy to maintain equilibrium. By investing now in achieving more balance across the different areas of your life, you may be able to avoid more intense challenges and obstacles in the future.

As I tell guests who participate in the daily motivational walks I lead at the Canyon Ranch Health Spa in Lenox, MA, there’s no need to wait until a crisis to consult with me. If you are proactively seeking health and wellness in your life, my Health & Well-Being services are right for you.

We can work together to address one or more of the following eight areas of well-being:

  • physical and psychological health
  • career
  • social connections
  • home
  • community
  • time and money
  • time in nature
  • mindfulness and/or spirituality

In any of the areas that are important to you, we will work together to identify your goals, create a plan, develop strategies, harness your strengths and resources, improve your mindset, take action, and persevere. Our conversations and the process of goal-setting, action-taking, and accountability will empower you to find health, happiness, and success in the varying aspects of your life.

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