Legal Matters

I work with clients who are facing legal issues, as either the plaintiff or the defendant, as well as with their attorneys. Read on to learn how I work with attorneys (see below) and clients (scroll down).

For Attorneys

I dedicate a small portion of my practice to assisting attorneys and their clients in legal matters, in areas including but not limited to

  • criminal responsibility
  • competency to stand trial
  • sex offending
  • trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • parent-child bonding.

I provide psychological evaluations and expert-witness testimony in these areas.

I have been qualified as an expert witness in juvenile court, probate and family court, district court, and superior court in several counties in Western Massachusetts for the above five areas.

I draw on my thirty-five-plus years of experience to create evaluations and testimony that accurately depict my client’s psychological status and put it into a context that maximizes the judge and/or jury’s ability to understand the person’s humanity, beyond test scores, norms, and statistics.

Attorneys hire me again and again due to my ability to elicit essential information from clients, administer the right battery of psychological tests, think critically about a case, create valid arguments, and deliver compelling testimony in the court room. Contact me today to see if I am available to provide psychological evaluation and/or expert-witness testimony for your client’s case.

For Clients

I work with a variety of clients who have faced legal charges or who are pressing legal charges, such as

  • DUI
  • sex offending
  • spousal abuse
  • child abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • larceny
  • arson
  • alcohol and substance abuse-related matters

In coordination with a client’s legal team, I provide a comprehensive psychological evaluation and assessment while helping my clients manage and cope during a very difficult and stressful time that not only impacts themselves but their loved ones. As I work with legal clients, I keep an open mind, without judgement, to fully appreciate and hear every person’s story.

I work with clients’ attorneys and the other professionals involved in their cases to ensure smooth communication and effective teamwork to create the best outcome possible for clients given the circumstances and limiting factors.

My work with clients is marked by both compassion and practicality. I empathically acknowledge the depth of the challenges a client faces while encouraging them to see that life can and will go on after the event that has brought them in to use my services. This approach helps clients to foster compassion for themselves and to find hope during a difficult time. Contact me today if you would like to know more about how I can work with you and your legal team.

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