Life Crises & Loss

Although each of us are unique and different as human beings, we share this in common: No one gets out of life without experiencing some form of stress, adversity, disappointment, or loss. If you find yourself in one of those life moments, I offer coaching and therapy services to help you transform your challenges into personal growth that ushers you into your next chapter.

We live in a popular culture today that often encourages us to think we can push the Easy button to get to the other side of our pain. Magazine covers invite us to accomplish any goal in three easy steps; self-help books, blogs, and podcasts promise to give us the answer to our problem in one read or one viewing. My philosophy is different.

I do not believe that we are meant to avoid or escape from adversity as quickly as possible, but instead to accept that adversity is a natural part of being human. I believe that the stress, discomfort, pain, and even anguish that adversity and loss can create for us are there to enrich us and strengthen us as people.

Athletes understand this instinctively. They subject themselves to intense and uncomfortable workout regimens because they understand that on the other side of challenge awaits confidence, mastery, and success. The natural process of building muscles involves a breakdown of tissue first. An athlete with sore muscles understands that the pain they are experiencing has purpose.

Your pain, stress, and discomfort have purpose too. They are making you a richer, wiser version of yourself so you are more able to be present, compassionate, and kind to yourself and to others.

I am here to help you walk out of the swamp of loss, pain, stress, and anguish to get to your next wise version of yourself. It’s one of my specialties: helping my clients stand up and walk their way out of the swamp until they are on dry land again.

Life crises and the pain associated with loss do not last forever. I am here to help you get through the hard parts.

I work with people experiencing crisis and loss across any of the eight areas of well-being, including:

  • emotional crises, health diagnoses, terminal illness, or loss of a loved one
  • job loss and career change
  • relationship challenges
  • instability, discord, or unhappiness at home
  • loneliness or alienation from community
  • financial stress or crises
  • disconnection or alienation from nature
  • absence of mindfulness or disconnect from spirituality

When helping my clients work through life crises and loss, my approach is to help people first stand in their stress and pain rather than run from it or deny it. I call it “boots on the ground.” You’ve got to know where you stand before you can march out of your difficult circumstance.

Not all aspects of adversity, stress, and loss are negative. By learning to manage these moments, a person can grow, change, and ultimately enhance their well-being.

As your therapist or coach, I will motivate, inspire, and support you as you heal and move forward into the next phase of your life.

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