Older Adults

I am fortunate to be a clinical psychologist in the New England, small-town community in which I was born and raised. In this role, I have the honor of watching the cycle of life go around as I now serve as a psychologist to older adults who used to be my doctors, sports coaches, neighbors, and parents’ friends. In every older adult I work with, I see the vibrant person inside and know there are a tapestry of life stories within them making them who they are today.

I have the pleasure of working with older adults in my office, in their homes, and at residential nursing facilities. Sometimes we meet for lunch in the restaurant beneath my office and talk about life; sometimes we sit outside in the sun at the nursing home facility reading or telling stories. My job as a psychologist is to support these clients’ mental health, and more.

There are eight key areas of well-being that I attend to with all of my clients, and here is how I typically work with older adults to address these areas of well-being.

Career – I encourage older clients to feed this area of well-being in a way that works for their age and stage of life, whether that be to take courses, write the stories of their lives, engage in a hobby they love, or something else

Social Connections – I encourage older clients to stay connected to friends, family, and acquaintances,  as the research shows that social connections have a positive effect on physical health, happiness, and longevity

Physical and Mental Health

  • I encourage older clients to stay as mobile and as active as they are capable
  • We address anxiety, depression, grief, pain, confusion, and other mental health struggles that may emerge as a result of older age, physical disability, illness, chronic pain, or terminal illnesses
  • I help older clients find purpose and meaning in this phase of their life
  • I express empathy and compassion for their reality and encourage them to cultivate empathy and compassion for themselves

Home Life – I support older clients (and their families) on their journey to identify, establish, and transition into the right living situation for them, whether that be independent living, assisted living, or intensive residential care

Community – I encourage older adults to stay involved in their community in a way that works for them, such as taking courses, attending religious services, visiting the theatre, socializing with others, taking group exercise classes, and more

Finances – I support older clients (and their families) as they deal with shifting financial needs due to medical expenses, residential expenses, and the reduced income that sometimes comes with retirement and older age

Time in Nature – When they are with me, I encourage my older clients to get outside, even if they are wheel chair bound: to get fresh air, sit outside in the sun, appreciate nature, or go for a walk

Spirituality and Mindfulness

  • If they are spiritually inclined, I encourage older clients to continue to practice their beliefs, have contact with religious leaders, attend services if they are able, and stay connected to peers in their religious community
  • I have found that it has been particularly helpful for older adults to be engaged in mindfulness exercises such as deep breathing, meditation, and gentle movement that allows them to create a connection between body and mind to create inner peace

I love my work with older adults and consider it an honor to be able to listen to their stories, appreciate their wisdom, sit with them in their pain and worries, and show them the respect they deserve after a lifetime of contributions to their homes, families, and communities. As I journey with them wherever they are, I make sure we attend to the multiple areas of well-being in whatever way works best for their age and stage. I serve with compassion, empathy, and special attention to their age-related psychological issues and overall well-being in an effort to increase quality of life in these tender remaining years.

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